Client Spotlight:


Project Overview:

RainQueen SA, with three branches across South Africa, specializes in a diverse range of corrugated iron products. However, their previous website faced challenges, presenting an overwhelming array of products and information across numerous pages. This complexity led visitors to feel disoriented and frustrated, often leaving without finding what they needed.

Behind the scenes, the website's backend was cluttered and outdated due to multiple contributors, resulting in a disjointed page structure. Outdated and conflicting plugins further compounded the issue, reaching a point where updates posed a risk of breaking the entire site. Additionally, image sizing issues hindered the viewing experience, with many images appearing too small to be properly appreciated.

Our objective was to transform the website into a user-friendly platform, streamlining navigation and facilitating easy access to comprehensive product information, eliminating the need for visitors to contact a branch directly. We also optimized the contact form to automatically route inquiries to the nearest branch, reducing unnecessary communication and administrative workload.